How Chicken Soup For The Soul Began and Became the Successful Series it is Today

Life is filled with many moments that elicit different emotions. Although many of these moments are beautiful and very uplifting, there are many others that are sadder and can have negative effects on the future decisions that people make. Fortunately, there are many inspirational books available that lend support and offer hope to those that are in less-than-desirable situations. Chicken Soup For The Soul is a prime example. Originally, it started off as a single book, but because it became so popular, it turned into a series that spans many different areas of life and people.

How It All Began

The successful book mentioned above was written by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Both men are motivational speakers. The first 101 stories compiled in the book were true and inspiring events that were told to them by different members of the audience that attended their speaking events. At first, the two men would share these stories at their seminars as a way to motivate and lift members of the audience. They then decided to publish the short stories in a book to be enjoyed by people worldwide. From there, it became so successful that a single book turned into a series.

One Book Turned Into A Series Of Books

The first book published gained so much popularity because they were true and inspirational stories that people went through. Readers of the book were able to relate to these stories. From there, other books became available for readers. Today, there are different sections of the very popular series. For example, there are books for college age, faith, family, dads, moms, teens, seniors, parenting, pets, sports, tough times, devotional, and so much more. The series has something for everyone to relate to and gain inspiration from.

Life is beautiful but, at times, it can be very ugly. Many people go through rough times that can leave them broken and alone. Inspirational books like the one mentioned above can help someone get out of a dark place. They have the power to give readers the motivation and faith they need to take actions to better their situation.